Run For Heroes Turns 1!

It’s Run For Heroes’ 1st birthday! What has the past year been like?

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we started it all! We’ve had an incredible journey so far, what started as an idea while on a run has turned into a social movement. To date we’ve managed to get over 1.5 million to get active while raising over £7 million along the way.

What have you learnt along the way?

It has been a huge learning journey, from creating a viral campaign to turning Run For Heroes into a charity — we’ve learnt so much!

We’ve seen how lots of individuals coming together and doing something small can turn into something so impactful.

As we always say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ve been chipping away at this for the last 365 days and it’s safe to say neither of us have worked as hard as we have!

Achieving and learning more than we ever thought was possible.

Has there been a defining moment over the past year you both won’t forget?

Becoming a charity and then seeing our first fundraiser underway were two pretty special moments. We never thought Run For Heroes would change the course of our lives that it has!

Was there a defining moment you both knew you wanted to continue it?

It was during a summers day in London. We began talking about the future of Run For Heroes and both felt passionately that we needed to let it grow into its own entity — we just hadn’t figured it out yet. We sat up until the wee hours of the morning though devising a plan for the future and have pretty much stuck to that since!

What is next for Run For Heroes?

We are launching our next campaign in a couple of weeks. It will turn May into a month of running and fundraising, open for all charities and people to get involved with. We really want to continue getting more people active while raising vital funds for charity. Join us along the way!

Written by Olivia & India




As the original creators of the viral challenge #Run5Donate5Nominate5, our mission is to continue raising vital funds for charity.

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Run For Heroes

Run For Heroes

As the original creators of the viral challenge #Run5Donate5Nominate5, our mission is to continue raising vital funds for charity.

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